12 julio 2010

Books I Liked

Por "la famosa escritora norteamericana"

177 pgs. New Directions Publishing Corporation (1973)

""No Longer Human", by Osamu Dazai is basically a narrative based on the author's life. It would be difficult not to be captivated by Yozo, the main character of the story. From childhood Yozo feels strangely alienated from human society. As you read his views about the world you can't help but become completely fascinated with his strange way of interpreting the world around him.
This book is obviously intended for a mature audience due
to the explicit subject matter involving drugs, alcohol, sex, and prostitution. I think the author's objective in writing this novel is to open the eyes of those who read it. Although the character of Yozo seems odd and quirky, the reader can't help but feel enlightened by his way of seeing things. On several instances I found myself thinking he was in fact a genius for seeing things in such a different way than the average person. This of course would make me the ordinary person. Although as Yozo points out in the book, genius is often mistaken for madness and I suppose it goes the other way as well.
Along with enlightenment comes the sad realization that perhaps it is his ability to see the truth in people that causes him such horror. He knows that people put on false fronts in order to fit into society and because of this one can never truly trust another person. I admit even I can scare myself when I over analyze the fact that you can truly never know another person's thoughts or intentions. Yozo however takes this to extremes and relies on vic
es to keep his mind from scaring him to death.
I found this book almost impossible to put down. It is a story like no other I have ever read. I found the story captivating. I think part of what kept me interested was wondering if Yozo would ever feel comfortable in his own skin. I almost felt sorry for him and hoped he might find eve
n the slightest bit of happiness. Of course any small bit of happiness he found he would pay for ten fold with misery, which was his nature. Overall I found the book very eye-opening, even though the ending did not have much of a climax."

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