10 marzo 2010

Books I Liked

Por "la famosa escritora norteamericana"

I REMEMBER. Joe Braniard
192 pgs. Granary
Books. 2001

"Ah, this little book. "I Remember" is a tiny, funny, heart-warming masterpiece composed entirely of microscopic reflections and remembrances: but like the human body itself, which is of course made up of tiny microscopic cells, the book's one- and two-sentence units of "I remember this or that" recollections gradually build up into a living, breathing, singular human presence.

This book has also become a cult classic for writing instructors, as it often helps unlock a particular gate for students, enabling them to write a
bout their own lives in an open, vivid, and funny way.

(Note to parents and subject-sensitive readers: th
e book does contain some frank discussions of sexuality, including gay sexuality. Although these passages are honest, humane, and often funny, occasionally they can be a little bit graphic (though not at all trying to be 'shocking' or 'offensive,' simply honest.) But it does mean that the book is not meant for very young readers. Use your judgement.)

Warm, intelligent, vivid, and screamingly funny. To read Joe Brainard is to love the man. We miss you, Joe.

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