10 febrero 2010

Books I Liked

Por "la famosa escritora norteamericana"

. Elizabeth Smart
112 pgs. Flamingo 1991

""I decided to read this book after I read a brief online essay about it written by Yann Martel, author of "The Life of Pi." I was intrigued because he described Smart's book as "a language book, a book where language is the plot, the character and the setting. There is something else, of course, the theme, and the theme here is an old eternal one: love....[It contains] layers of allegorical allusions and metaphorical flights, but at the core of this book is the hard diamond of a passionate love affair." I certainly would have to agree with the allegorical allusions and metaphorical flights. I've never read anything quite like it when it comes to the use of metaphor and poetic prose. In fact there was such an abundance of metaphors it was sometimes distracting to read through it all. I found my mind wandering away from the story, taken away on some psychadelic serendipity caused by metaphoric overdose....

Any reader of this story would benefit from having an understanding of where this story cam
e from, as it would be difficult to extract or ascertain from between the lines of the story as Smart writes it. Martel provided the background in his previously mentioned essay, "...one day Elizabeth Smart read some poems in a bookshop and she fell in love...with the poet, who was George Barker....Smart and George Barker eventually met, in California, and they became lovers and her essential bliss and hell began. Because George Barker was married and would have durable relations with more women than just his wife and Elizabeth Smart. The great number of children he fathered--fifteen in all, including four with Smart--might indicate that he took the consequences of love as seriously as its emotional premise."

So, while I'm not generally a huge fan of heavy-duty poetic prose, I did find this book, its style and the tragedy of Smart's lost love rather fascinating. If you like metaphors, allegories and love, this novella is worth your effort.

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