29 septiembre 2009


Tiempo de mudanzas. Un espacio para pirateos en la red. Visitamos a nuestros vecinos. Los blogs que nos gustan, pinchados sin rubor.

Este mes nos trasladamos al hogar de Todd Brandt. Creo que sobran las palabras, si ustedes pinchan el link que hay a mano derecha (en el apartado de blogs favoritos lo encontrarán) comprenderán rápidamente cuán unidimensional es el mundo de este señor. Para los ajenos a este tipo de extremismos, les diré que algunos entienden su propia sexualidad de esta manera. Para los afines, su blog es un verdadero manjar de exquisiteces frívolas (básicamente, fotos e imágenes de Youtube). No les negaré que es amazing y tope pink, pink, pink!. El dichosito concepto del glamour del marica USA elevado a la máxima potencia. Y no, no se trata de ese dictador de las apariencias que responde al nombre de Carlos García Calvo (¡qué diferente soy de la plebe...!), aunque por ahi debe andar la cosa... Para tomar a ratitos (como a la hora del breakfast at...).



At Stirred, Straight Up, with a Twist, it helps to remember that it is permanently 1962 (give or take a decade); and that the problems of the real world can be solved with a touch of glamour and a dash of style.

We celebrate the gods and goddesses of celluloid and vinyl, with nary a trace of elitism: Jeffrey Hunter or Cary Grant; Eydie Gorme or Maria Callas, we worship them all, and accord them their proper place in the pantheon of greats.

We also have absolutely no theme whatsoever, make posts at random, and our entries can be viewed alternately as charmingly eclectic, or annoyingly erratic. But, we hope, at least entertaining.

A finale note about our Virtual Jukebox of Fabulosity: all of the selections are from our own, vast, charmingly eclectic, annoyingly erratic collection of vinyl and CD's. The playlist rotates every week, but everything is archived here.

Why Don't You...

...play a sly trick on a style icon?

This January 1963 Bazaar cover has been the source of controversy and speculation since it first hit newsstands nearly half a century ago. The cover model ("Dani") was rumored to have been made up to parody the legendary Diane Vreeland Vreeland, who had recently defected from Bazaar to its arch rival, Vogue.

Certainly, Dani was a marked switch from the remote, icy mannequins who usually graced the fashion magazine covers at the time: her near-camp, wry smile; decidedly "handsome" features; blue-black hair; and flamboyant cigarette holder make a good case indeed for an extravagant "in joke" perpetrated by Bazaar and photographer Richard AvedonAvedon. The ensuing cover made enough of an impact that even columnist Walter Winchell jumped into the fray. The mystery remains unsolved, but another clue lies further within the same issue's pages:

This striking image appears in a fashion layout entitled "Carte Blanche Chic," a seven page spread in which two other models appear in all but this one photo. This chic lady makes just this one, prominent, full page appearance, and is noticeably older and styled quite differently from the other two models. She also bears more than a passing resemblance to Kay ThompsonKay Thompson as"Maggie Prescott" in Funny Face (1957) - a character acknowledged as being based, at least in part, on Mrs. Vreeland.

If she were aware of the joke, we'd like to think that Mrs. Vreeland took it with good humor, and also as a compliment to her singular, influential style. After all, to get one over on D.V. took - let's face it - pizazz.

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