25 agosto 2009

Books I Liked

Por "la famosa escritora norteamericana"

. Jack Kerouac
240 pgs. Grove Press

" I've read a lot of Kerouac's stuff and liked most of it. this, however, is truly pathetic, uninteresting and unnecessary. I guess if you for some reason need a portrait of the artist in decline... this is it. If you've never read him please dont start here. This is only for those who already love and know what jack was capable of- we're better prepared to forgive disappointments like these. If you're new to kerouac do yourself a favor and start with things like the dharma bums, on the road and subterraneans- there's a reason these are as popular as they are. It's nice and short, though. I also want to mention that this is my first review- I'm not in the habit of trashing great writers lesser works. I dont need my opinions heard or validated. I just want to steer fledgling beat readers away from what could be an instant kerouac dealbreaker. "

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