24 junio 2009

Books I Liked

Por "la famosa escritora norteamericana"

239 pgs. Two dollar radio (2009)

"Gary Indiana's first novel since Do Everything in the Dark is a hilarious satire, the most linguistically exuberant work yet from an author already deservedly admired for his astonishing prose. Giddy anachronisms abound in this bawdy tale that features a drug-addicted doctor accompanying a Scotland Yard inspector in pursuit of the fiendish Fu Manchu, who may or may not have something to do with strange occurrences in the seaside town of Land's End, a damp pocket of sleaze that time forgot, whose denizens sleep during the day and emerge for depraved revels come nightfall. Along the way there are all sorts of wonderfully sketched cameos, including Thalidomido the dwarf, Dr. Philidor Wellbutrin, "the fartsome abortionist," and Earl Sludge, the garbage truck driver turned opportunistic necrophiliac.
Among the most comically inspired bits are the gossipy phone conversations between the diabolical Fu Manchu and his mercenary employee, t
he club-footed ex-STASI Roswitha Klebb, whose logistical discussions concerning Fu's campaign for world domination get continually sidetracked by their shared passion for the labyrinthine plot of a Brazilian soap opera. Ribald satire, narcotic phantasmagoria, a gruesome Cronenbergian transformation, mysterious portals in spacetime, corrosive (and hysterical) social commentary all amazingly cohere in a satisfying narrative due to Indiana's prose mastery, simultaneously flamboyant and rigorously controlled. This is a wonderfully unhinged book, Indiana totally unfettered."

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