09 febrero 2009

Books I Liked

Por "la famosa escritora norteamericana"

208 pgs. Anagrama (Esp)

"This book was so good-packed with history and a message. I was captivated by it.

He painted the political and social climate of the time in such a vivid manner. His insights were perfect and his historical detail was too good for words. He puts the reader back into 1962-even if the reader had not been born yet.

It begins on the wedding night of two virgins, Edward and Florence. He's ready and willing to go, but she is filled with dread. She tries to have sex with Edward out of a sense of wifely duty.

Their childhoood's are related. She is raised by emotionally distant parents, Violet and Geoffrey; and he is reared by a handicapped mother and a over-whelmed father. Both Edward and Florence try to escape their past lives with their marriage.

The ending was sad, and, I was surprised. This book is worth reading-it is a historical treasure and tells an interesting and perplexing story."

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