18 diciembre 2006

By "the famous norteamerican woman's writer"


" Yup. This is one bizarre book. And I loved it!. It's very hard to describe the surreal feeling one has when reading Slaughterhouse 5. You see Billy Pilgrim is dead. (So it goes) And he is alive. He exists at all times in his life at the same moment. He can relive them over and over. If he wants to see the bombing of Dresden again, or be a P.O.W. again he can do it. If he wants to re-live his plane crash, his birth, or his visits with the strange writer in the all
ey he can do that. He can even go back into space to the time he was abducted by aliens and forced to live in a zoo aquarium with a famous actress. And if Billy gets Bored, he can go and be dead and listen to the light hum, and see the violet lights. So it goes.
Yes, there is really no other book like it, yet deep, and even in some places not so deep, there is a rich subtext to Billy's life. It is a sad, yet beautiful tale, and at the end of the book the first thing I did was flip b
ack to page 1, because, just like Billy, I had some moments I wanted to re-live again. And you wil to. "
Merry Xmas, folks!